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Nightlight Foundation, LLC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable foundation designed to address life-long living choices that support individuals with autism through affordable housing, continuing education and vocational options within their own community.

Our principle objective is to design, build, acquire and manage residential facilities that will assist adults with autism transition from at-home living into a supported and supervised long-term living environment.

Residents will be afforded the opportunity to live independently, within the care of family-like 24/7 support staff, in a nurturing environment with access to all of the comforts available within a local, vibrant community.

Ultimately, our vision is to provide long-term comfortable, educational, supportive and affordable solutions for the aging autistic population – which today includes approximately 1.5 million Americans, most of whom are currently under the age of 22.

We are also very excited to be partnering with the Nexus School in Roslyn, PA (devoted to educating children within the autism spectrum).  Students from the Nexus School help to make our water ice and perform other various tasks for the ice cream shop. 


Our hope is that our initiative will become a comprehensive and proven model worth duplicating in urban and suburban communities throughout the world.

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Board of Directors

Alex Viele

Damien Park

Daniel McGowan
David Masterson

Kim Crowley

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